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About eBiz Software

eBiz Software, Inc. is a business consulting firm specializing in solutions that help companies reduce cost, improve and enhance workflow automation, and add or increase operational efficiencies in their company and its productivity. We specialize in working with business owners, senior management, and business operations to enhance the predictable profitability of their company. We realize that in order for business to compete in today's global marketplace, business has to be razor sharp and on its best game. In order to do so, businesses need every available operating efficiency and key tracking system to make their company not only more profitable, but more predictable.

eBiz Software has over 60 years experience in business analysis, programming, and business workflow automation. We have developed integrated solutions for the financial, title insurance, printing, manufacturing, distribution and retail industries that streamline processes and increase productivity. Our niche expertise is in quick, accurate and thorough business analysis that allows us to deliver "outside-the-box" technology solutions. Our solutions are tailored to allow business management to concentrate on running their core business rather than worrying about the technology they need and use. Our brand names include MX3/TechForms®, ActiveCanvas©, Android Mobile Device Applications, and .NOMAD©

We work with you to enhance your business backbone, translating directly into increased profits and lower costs for your company.

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