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Our Services

  • eBiz Business Order eProcurement Solution/MX3
    is comprised of a web-based vendor-neutral corporate eProcurement service that allows Buyer Groups, Buyers, Logins, and Login profile information to be added, edited and stored on an enterprise database and used with standard business rules to purchase products defined by the site administrator. Products range from widgets like pencils to complex variable information forms from multiple vendors on a single order. Services available to the customer include site management, template creation, image handling and special custom code creation for unique business rules not handled in the standard system. The site provides simple tracking access to the customer’ end users to obtain delivery information about each item ordered and an easy-to-use Customer Service Inquiry that takes care of routing the question to the correct supplier. The backend system breaks up the order by supplier and distributes the correct items to each supplier. The system is enabled to allow distribution in a variety of ways from email notification to XML post, and supplier site access to retrieve a printed order copy or file export. Services to suppliers include ready-to-print PDF creation, acceptance of a standard import file to update shipment information on the site.

    MX3/TechForms Demo

    UMB Bank Endorsement (White Paper)

  • Business Process Re-Engineering
    - Analyze, design, implement and train; Then Rethink and Rework business processes outside the box to eliminate bottlenecks and business interruptions
  • Systems Architecture
    - Design, Re-engineer, Identify operational bottlenecks
  • Corporate Systems Application Integration and Connectivity
    - Provide bridges between dissimilar systems such as SAP, Accounting, UPS/Shipping
  • Supply Chain Management & Distribution
    - Automation from procurement through inventory and distribution
  • Customer Relationship Management
    - optimize and automate communications with Customers and Suppliers
  • Workflow Automation
    - work better, more cost effective, and produce more efficiently, both in business and document processing (Order management, cost tracking, accounting, purchasing)
  • Management Reporting and Auditing
    - Help define and automate reporting tools and key reports to enable Management to maneuver more efficiently
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